Import Operations Solutions

                          Managing import operations can draw resources away from core competencies which, in turn, may affect profit margins. Our job: augment your trade compliance program with expertise, processes, and technology where needed.

                          International trade is both enticing and challenging. Enticing when the right global sourcing opportunities, emerging markets, and supply chain partnerships align profitably. Challenging, because of the time and resources needed to get there. Day-to-day operations and budgets often suffer. We help you end the struggle and give you time to focus on opportunities.

                          Duty Management

                          Duty management can uncover significant savings. We help you take full advantage of preferential trade programs and duty rates and other regimes such as Inward Processing Relief/Outward Processing Relief or IMMEX. Your imports cost less. Post-entry work costs less.

                          Broker & Vendor Performance Management

                          Your goal: reduce the number of exceptions at time of import. We help you with strategic broker selection, from planning and execution to establishing, monitoring, and updating the performance metrics of your service providers. The focus is on cost-saving, quality, and cycle-time.

                          Regulatory Agency Compliance

                          Every product has the potential to require its own set of documentation. We help you develop and maintain product “passport” information for smooth clearance and compliance with regulatory agencies, if applicable.

                          Customs Brokerage Calculator

                          Get a customs brokerage price in 3 minutes or less.

                          Livingston has made it easier than ever to get an estimate on Customs Brokerage for importing into the US and Canada. Simply tell us a bit about your business and your shipment and our innovative calculator will give you an instant price. All in about the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

                          Try our brokerage calculator
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