Agriculture. No time wasted.

                          Agricultural shipping across borders is time-sensitive. You can’t afford to let your valuable, perishable items sit idle due to compliance or logistical issues. We can help.

                          An uninterrupted supply chain. With improved quality control.

                          Livingston specializes in customs brokerage for agricultural importers and exporters. Fruits and vegetables from Mexico and South America. Cereal grains shipped between the U.S. and Canada. Unprocessed foods, biofuels, flowers. Plus, the import and transport of farm equipment and food processing machinery. Whatever your cargo, our services clear obstacles and accelerate delivery.

                          Comply expertly with CFIA and FDA.

                          Comply expertly with CFIA and FDA.

                          Both the U.S. and Canada are embarking on food modernization initiatives. Our service offerings address these coming changes. Our CFIA and FDA compliance experts will help you navigate changing rules and regulations. We’ve got your back.

                          Track shipments with dashboard visibility.

                          Track shipments with dashboard visibility.

                          Perishable items have to keep moving. Knowing exactly where they are is important. We offer total import/export dashboard visibility with information management tools such as Insight Compliance Center and MyCargo. Real-time online access to run queries, print reports, and download.

                          Deliver as promised.

                          Deliver as promised.

                          A promise made is a promise delivered. With Livingston, you’ll have all the required documentation and licensing to avoid costly border delays. Your goods are being cleared optimally. With the latest technology. In the hands of experts.

                          • Customs Brokerage
                            Customs Brokerage

                            Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance.

                          • Trade Consulting
                            Trade Consulting

                            Compliance with CFIA. Valuation. Audit. Controls. Disclosure. Licensing. Classification. Financial recovery. Supply chain security.

                          • Global Trade Management
                            Global Trade Management

                            Total import/export compliance services. Don’t let your operations impede your opportunities.

                          • Freight

                            Ocean Freight. Air Freight. Freight Management Services. Barge. Project Moves. Cargo Insurance.

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